All program (Sep. 26-30)

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Access to the talk files is restricted and the files are password protected as well. The information for the access will be distributed at the workshop.

Day 2: Sep. 28 (Wed.)

8:20-8:40 Reception at YITP (cont.)

Chair: Y. Takahashi
8:40-9:30 A. Kimura (Hiroshima Univ.)
Spectroscopic studies of non-magneic and magnetic topological insulators [pdf]
9:30-10:20 Y. Ohtsubo (Osaka Univ.)
Topological surface states observed by ARPES and spin-charge conversion [pdf]

10:20-10:50 Break (Coffee)

Chair: Y. Hatsugai

10:50-11:30 Y. Takane (Hiroshima Univ.)
Influence of Disorder on Chiral Edge Modes in Weyl Semimetals [pdf]
11:30-12:20 B. Yan (MPI CPFS)
Fermi arcs of Weyl semimetal materials: from the bulk to the surface [pdf]

12:20-13:30 Lunch

Chair: M. Sato
13:30-14:10 M. Furuta (Univ. Tokyo)
Bulk-edge correspondence and partial differential equations [pdf]
14:10-14:50 K. Yonekura (IPMU, Univ. Tokyo)
Anomalies and SPT phases from high energy physics point of view [pdf]
14:50-15:30 K. Hashimoto (Osaka Univ.)
Boundary conditions of Weyl semimetals [pdf]

15:30-16:40 Posters & discussion: even # on duty (with Coffee & snack)

Chair: N. Kawakami
16:40-17:20 T. Ohtsuki (Sophia Univ.)
Scaling of density of states and conductivity near Weyl semimetal to metal transition [pdf]
17:20-18:00 J. Ohe (Toho Univ.)
Topological chiral spin-wave edge modes in magnonic crystals [pdf]

18:30- Dinner (Banquet) : Campus cafeteria, Kyoto University